Here to take photos and enjoy the great outdoors, feel free to reach out if you have any personal requests, such as headshots or special events via the links above.

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About Me


My name is Tim, but everyone calls me Jersey.

I grew up New Jersey (yeah, that’s the reason for the name) and now I live in beautiful San Francisco. Though I work in tech for my day job, my passions really lie in photography, building things, and road tripping when I can.

My love of the outdoors led me to specialize in Nature Photography, but I do a bit of cityscapes and architecture as well.

On my most recent photography road-trip, I drove all the way from LA to Amboy, then Zion to the Grand Canyon in hopes of gathering some beautiful and unique pictures of the parks. 

All photos here are my original works, and available for purchase.

I hope you enjoy!


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